The epigenetics experts

At Cambridge Epigenetix, our mission is to realise the power of epigenetics by pioneering new biomarker discoveries and applications, and helping others do the same. Through combining novel technology with scientific excellence, we are the partner of choice for epigenetics biomarkers.

We work with leading biopharma companies to provide solutions spanning the entire biomarker workflow — from discovery and validation through to clinical assay development.

As the epigenetics experts, we deliver:

  • Access to the most suitable discovery and delivery technologies, including our own proprietary epigenetics platforms
  • A fully managed, end-to-end service, working with preferred external partners to support biomarker-clinical trials
  • Structured project plan with regular reviews and check points for cost-effective outcomes
  • Robust informatics pipelines and expertise
  • Established networks with epigenetics leaders worldwide

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